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Rava Rotti – A Delicious South Indian Flatbread With A Twist

Just like in other parts of India, flatbreads are an integral part of our food culture. But here we call them Rotti. We normally prepare rotti with different varieties of flours, grated coconut, and vegetables.

Back home, Gothamba Rotti is one of our favourite and usual breakfast with potato or chickpeas curry. We make gothamba rotti with wheat or all-purpose flour, grated coconut, finely chopped onions, chillies curry leaves and butter. My grandmother loves Kurakkan Rotti, prepared with finger millet flour.

Picture of Rava Rottii, An Easy Flatbread Prepared for Breakfast Served with Chutney.

After moving to India, I started liking Akki Rotti. That’s a rice-based rotti popular in Karnataka with different regional variations. In the same line here comes Rava Rotti. I prepare this rotti just like akki rotti. Instead of using the whole rava I grind it into a fine powder to make the process more easy and convenient. While toasting the rotti I apply enough oil/butter to keep it soft. Just try it and let me know how you liked it.

Rava Rotti

Rava Rotti – A Delicious South Indian Flatbread With A Twist Rava Rotti – A Delicious South Indian Flatbread With A Twist Print This
Serves: 03 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: calories fat
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  • Bombay Rava - 500 gm
  • Grated Coconut - 150 gm
  • Carrot - 01 No
  • Shallots - 100 gm
  • Scallions - 100 gm
  • Ground Nut Powder - 50 gm
  • Green Chillies - 06 Nos
  • Coriander Leaves - Handful
  • Curry Leaves - A Few
  • Cumin Seeds - 01 tablespoon
  • Salt - 01.5 tablespoon
  • Vegetable Oil - As Required
  • Hot Water - As Required
  • Banana Leaf - 01 No


  1. Roast the rava for 10 minutes and let it cool for a while.
  2. Grind it to a fine powder and sieve it to remove the lumps. Keep it aside.
  3. Finely chop the shallots, scallions, coriander leaves, curry leaves & chillies and grate the coconut & carrot.
  4. Add rava flour to a large bowl along with other ingredients and mix it well.
  5. Add water little by little to the mix and knead it well until it becomes a soft dough. Divide the dough into lemon sized balls.
  6. Heat the roti pan and grease it with little oil.
  7. Grease the banana leaf with oil and start spreading the dough into a large flat disc using your fingers. Apply little oil on your fingers if the dough sticks.
  8. Carefully remove the rotti from the banana leaf and place it on the roti pan.
  9. Toast it on both the side and sprinkle little oil on it to avert dryness. Toast the rotti till brown spots appear on both the sides.
  10. Follow the same procedure, toast the rottis one by one and serve it hot with the peanut chutney


Avoid using cold water for making the dough. It’s not suggested as it changes the taste of rotti. Add water little by little while kneading.

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